‘Aita Donostia, Christmas Songs’: Miniature Jewels

Presentación del disco sobre Aita Donostia en Donostia
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A sum of miniatures, but miniature jewels; a series of haikus, or the equivalent of Japanese haikus. This is what the San Sebastian tenor Gillen Munguía and I presented in January 2021 in San Sebastián: ‘Aita Donostia. Gabon Kantak – Christmas Songs – Villancicos’.

An album that contains 38 very short pieces, but they are still absolutely exquisite. An unpublished repertoire that can now be heard on different digital platforms and is available to anyone who wants to get closer to one of the best composers of his time: Aita Donostia.

A pleasure, as always, to work with the magnificent tenor Gillen Munguía on a new album: because of the ability he has to modulate his voice in such an exquisite and delicate genre as concert song. Not all opera singers have the ability to tackle both genres; he does it exquisitely.

The presentation of this record work, which brings together compositions based on folk songs collected by the Capuchin from different parts of the Iberian Peninsula, has been fantastic both in Madrid and in San Sebastián, Pamplona and Zumarraga. In these four places we have been able to offer recitals, two of them, within the context of the BATURA Cycle, which places Basque classical music at the level of the great international repertoire.

Unfortunately, due to the current context produced by COViD-19, there has been somewhere in the way due to cancellations, although we hope it recovers and we can soon carry out a new concert to offer these exquisite compositions – many of them in Basque. , and others in Spanish, Latin and Catalan.

Another step inside the giant iceberg that is the work of Aita Donostia, which is still pending to be edited and recorded. Therefore, the balance of the presentation of this album is excellent. In addition, the fact of having already incorporated this repertoire to be able to continue programming it together with the great international repertoire gives me great satisfaction. It starts from the town, is made by a great composer and now it returns to society, which is the one that truly has to be the recipient of this exquisite music; his music, our music.

The cover of the album, with a work by the Capuchin artist Antonio Oteiza.

Videoclip: ‘Joainkoa jaiotzen da’, ‘Gabon Kantak – Christmas Songs – Carols’

Video summary of the day of the press conference, on January 19, 2021:

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Brief video that we have made of the concert offered within the BATURA Cycle at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in Donostia / San Sebastián and where we were able to present the album:

Concert offered in Zumarraga within the BATURA Cycle, where several of the album’s compositions were presented: