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Presentación de OE Oficina Ondare oficina
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Unbeatable. This is the balance made on the press conference held on February 24, 2021 of the musical publishing house ‘OE Oficina’. An initiative that was born to recover the Basque musical heritage of all times.

What emerged as my personal vocation more than two decades ago has taken shape in a project with a great ramification, with multiple protagonists and a very clear goal: the recovery of Basque music forgotten in archives and the promotion of new composers. of contemporary music.

The presentation was attended by the Minister of Culture and Language Policy and spokesman for the Basque Government, Bingen Zupiria, as well as several of the heirs of great Basque composers such as Aita Donostia, Garbizu or Aldave.

A balance, therefore, unbeatable, because, in addition to presenting it together with all of them, which was an honor, the presentation had an impact and a repercussion in the media, even better than expected. What’s more, this press conference is already producing extremely interesting feedback; he is reaching out to people of a very diverse nature, with many different musical concerns, even outside the world of classical music.

The echoes of it travel, therefore, overseas, and they have already written to us from new countries such as Colombia, where they have requested information and also offered new manuscripts, very interested in recovering and disseminating classical music. At the end of the day, it is the central process in which OE Oficina pivots. Its purpose: to recover the musical heritage of Basque composers. And, in addition, to bet on new creations, that is, on the compositions of living and current composers.

This is also a 360-degree initiative, specifically: from the original source in the form of a manuscript, to its dissemination through a concert anywhere in the world. And all that this entails: also the edition of the score, critical analysis of the score, production of the album, study and interpretation of whoever programs the work, editing of video clips, programming by theaters and institutions, copyright management , printing, recording …

Therefore, a transdisciplinary work and knowledge that, without a doubt, seeks to enrich our reality through the different disciplines; to put in interaction the musical critical analysis with the edition, the edition with the interpretation and the interpretation with the production and with the recording.

This has a direct impact on the second of the axes of the Sustainability Paradigm, which includes the recovery of cultural heritage.

Not in vain, the objective is to recover the heritage of the Basque Country, put it in value, record it, interpret it, disseminate it and make with it a construction of identity, because, after all, the ultimate goal of art is to make the human being find yourself, and give you an answer about who you are as an individual and what your identity is. And at this moment and in this music we are finding a manifestation of social identity, with which, we are finding our identity as a society.

OE Oficina. A first step that moves forward in constant evolution, incorporating all this cultural wealth that we are finding on the way to return it to Basque society, which is where it came from.

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