Rescue of a Garbizu masterpiece

Rescate de una obra maestra de Garbizu
Category: PRENSA

It has meant recovering one of the great works of Basque musical heritage, not only for its quality, but for its size, for the dimension, because we are talking about a symphonic repertoire and, specifically, a concert for violin and orchestra entitled ‘Magic concert for violin and orchestra ‘, of which there is absolutely no contemporary reference, no genre like this. We think it is incredible to be able to return to the public today, sixty years after its composition, a work absolutely unknown and composed of one of the great geniuses of Basque music.

After three years of research with more than three hundred pages of scores with my student the violinist Jon Makuso to shape his work at the end of studies and the end of master, I dare to say that it has been the end of master’s work he has given one of the most important results of all those produced in Musikene, as has been the rescue of a work of these dimensions.

Therefore, I think it is essential research and research departments, which are increasingly encouraged to recover works of this caliber. It serves to begin in research competitions, but what is always a pleasure to discover is how when the research is carried out in a group, even if it is between a director and a student, the feedback and interaction between the two results in an always more enriching result.

Once again, this work has meant surrendering to the greatness of the Basque musical heritage.

This is, therefore, the beginning of a new line of fundamental research, such as delving into the repertoire, cataloging and interpretation of the work of composer Tomás Garbizu. This work opens the way to many works as unknown as this and at least as great. The first stone is already laid.

I leave a video that we have prepared on the press conference of the discovery: