The BATURA Cicles comes

Presentación del Ciclo BATURA en Donostia
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A wonderful start in this first edition of the BATURA Cycle, in which we have managed to shape this unique initiative with the objective we were pursuing, which is to program and place the classical music of Euskal Herria together with the great international repertoire. Specifically, in the first recital, performed by the Quebec violinist Alexadre da Costa with me, on March 4 and 5, 2020 in the Klub Hall of the Victoria Eugenia Theater as well as in the Gezala de Lezo Auditorium, respectively.

In this first recital we present pieces by Olazaran de Estella, by Aita Donostia, and Sarasate, in addition to Maurice Ravel, who has acted as a bridge between both repertoires. We also perform Vitali and various songs by Québec composers. It was an excellent thread that led to the unit and ensuring that the audience received both repertoires equally.

I was convinced that BATURA was going to have a good reception and response, but the truth has been much higher than imagined by surprise, for example, with the Romanzas by Aita Donostia; unknown pieces, which is the first time – I think – that have been performed. What leads me to think this is that no interpretation has been documented, apart from those that Aita Donostia interpreted at the Lecaroz school in the early 10s of the last century together with the violinist Isamel Echezarra. It was almost impossible to interpret it, due to the difficulty of reading the manuscripts. Once the study for analysis and editing has been carried out, it is now possible to interpret it; of course, they are already edited and available on the website of the magnificent editorial OE Oficina (

This is only the beginning of a project, the BATURA Cycle, which I am convinced will live through the years, because it represents a need for music: to be communicated and to acquire life. Basque classical music is excellent and cannot be relegated to archives and libraries, but must live on stages and must be programmed not only in Euskal Herria and by Basque interpreters, but worldwide with international interpreters.

I leave you several videos that we have made about the BATURA Cycle:

-Summary of the press conference:

-News on ETB2 information services:

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-Summary of the first recital, in the Klub Hall of the Victoria Eugenia Theater:

-Second concert of the BATURA Cycle, at the Gezala Auditorium in Lezo: